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Thread: Good Old Coleman Lantern

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    Default Good Old Coleman Lantern

    Maybe I'm just being nostalgic 'cause I won't be hunting AK this fall for moose and bou...but is there any sound more magical to a hunter or outdoorsman than the sound of the old Coleman lantern hissing in the tent? Nothing makes me think of hunting camp like that was a big deal as an 8-9 year old kid, being allowed to fill up the lantern using the little Coleman filter, and learning to be careful with the mantles so they didn't tear.

    I know we have more advanced light options now...but nothing will ever replace that sound in my mind, as a great part of hunting camp. Anybody else feel the same way about the lantern, or other camp items? Let's hear about em...

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    Another nice thing about the Colman is that you can turn out the lights and be in bed before it's dark. Try that with a LED and see what you stub your toe on.

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    I forgot about that point Jim! Yes, an excellent feature to be sure.

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    Maybe if you have a classic Coleman you can do that. The last double mantle coleman I had developed a leak in the generator and decided to explode on the picnic table. No more coleman for me. It made a real mess- I was able to get it off the table and onto some grass to fire extinguish it before catching the table on fire. Not happy with the current quality of coleman products.

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    Default The one everybody has heard.

    Old Jim was tinkering with his coleman lantern one night and it exploded. He was knocked high up into the air. He noticed another plaid coated camper coming down out of the sky as he was going up.
    "Hey do you know anything about Coleman Lanterns?" asked Jim.
    "No but do you know anything about Coleman Stoves?" replied the camper.

    Colemans are equipment that get easier to work with the more you work with them. However, eventually they wear out. They are very zen oriented.



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    Default Plenty of character...

    I quit using our Coleman mainly because of the glass and we started rafting, but those lamps had lots of character. Replacing the mantle was another aspect that had a magic that fascinated my kids...even when they were much older!

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    Default ol Colemans

    I still use Coleman Lanterns...and I also enjoy that little hissing noise...

    I still dislike replacing the mantles...

    And every day, evert time I see that acorn shaped nut on top of the landern I can remember how, as a tiny child, I seared that little round scar into the middle of my palm.



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