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Thread: Capt Cook State Park

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    Default Capt Cook State Park

    I always see ATVers up at Capt Cook state park- what, other than just riding the beach are these folks doing? Good hunting in the area? Is the beach only navigable below high tide, any concerns about being trapped if I don't time it right.

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    I would like to know also..I'd like to explore the beaches.

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    I've been going there for years although not ATVing

    A few years ago I bought some lake property in the area and thus have spent more time down there and have talked to some locals

    One thing we've talked about is hitting the beach by CPT Cook at low tide and riding the beach all the way til you're looking across at Beluga Point

    My understanding is tide timing is critical

    Sounds like a neat trip and I plan on making it one of these days soon!!

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    dont know about the Captain, but I have done a bunch of ATV riding between Clam Gulch and Anchor Point. Especialy from Deep Creek south, and I suspect it is similar to that. In those areas you can indeed get trapped (or worse) by an exceptionaly high tide if you are not careful.

    Are there any river crossings North of the Captain? There are a couple of rivers or creeks between Clam Gulch and Anchor point that are show stoppers for me. I crossed Deep Creek once at low tide in a wide braded area and nearly ended up heading out to sea....... wont be doing that again!
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    Default Capt Cook State Park many cabins in Grey Cliffs. Good riding.
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    Wink recreational property users and commercial fishers

    There are MANY private land owners out it the area and commercial fishers that access their "Grey Cliff" cabins via the beach because the land trail up the pipeline corridor is very muddy and swampy = fun, but difficult to haul supplies. I have seen Nodwells dissappear in some of the holes....

    I have been out there many many times, exploring and hunting since the 70's and theres a few do's and dont's:

    The Tide is a killer, (literally) there are some mud flat areas that can get you stuck like the Turny arm. In many places the water runs all the way to the bluff, or to the huge rocks, or to the driftwood trapping you and swamping your ride, there are many places to tuck in and set until the tide recedes, but you have to anticipate the rocks and the speed of the tide.

    The creeks are not too bad, otter creek is the worst after a heavy rain it can swell to a high that you dont want to cross on a "stock" quad if you run a coot, or a MAX or an argo none of this matters too much

    The rocks from CPT to Point Possession strung out everywhere and the beach is mostly all boulders and large 3" plus gravel and mud. Its still easier to ride than the swamps. Be prepared to have serious forarm pump on a quad from driving on a 8 to 12 degree slope in each direction for at least twelve miles....

    You can get to point possession and see anchorage, but you cant pass into the Chickaloon refuge with a motorized vehicle, someone has to prevent the toolagoose from being disturbed during its mating ritual. Ive lived here forever and have never seen a toolagoose.

    Plan to make the trip during minimal tide swings and leave CPT when the tide is headed out from the top... youre looking at a fifty plus mile trip with average speeds of 20 to 30 mph

    hope this stuff helps

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    All very good info, if I could add to it... I also ride this area a lot. There is now a bridge across leaf creek, drive anything you want across it. There is also a small bridge across otter creek, barely wide enough for a stock quad, when i was there a couple weeks ago, the water was too deep to cross without the bridge. As posted above, this trail is very muddy and swampy, and there just may be a nodwell or two in some of them holes, who knows.


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