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Thread: replacing cv boots

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    Default replacing cv boots

    I have a 2003 honda rancher that has a torn cv boot (front inner) and was wondering how easy/hard it would be to replace it myself. Anyone have experience in replacing these?

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    Such a simple part that requires so much disassembly to replace. I absolutely hate changing CV boots, and I seem to replace or repair 3 or 4 every year.

    First call up the Honda dealers ship and get a price on a replacement boot. Make sure they know it's an inner boot. Get the kit with grease, bands, and new boot.

    You might have to drain the fluid out of your diff, maybe not. I've never replaced the boot on a rancher. Either way here's a quick step by step to replacing the boot.

    Jack from of atv off of the ground
    Remove tire
    Remove cotter pin & castle nut on the hub
    Remove the a-arm bolts from the hub
    Now the hub should slip off - the rancher has drum brakes in the front I'm not sure if this will add any difficulty.
    Grab the axle and pull it directly out of the differential. A good hard yank should do it and it will pop right now.
    Remove the old clamps and boot

    This is where it gets fun!

    Is there mud, water, and dirt inside the boot? If so you will probably have to disassemble the cv. That means pulling the cup, race/cage, and all the ball bearings off the shaft. This is a serious PITA. If you would like I could post a video that shows how to do this. Once disassembled spit shine every part with carb cleaner and let dry. Re-assemble when dry.

    If it's clean and the grease is not contaminated what so ever wipe off as much grease as possible. Now secure the axle in a vise parallel to the ground. With a rubber mallet tap the cv off of the axle. This takes a few good whacks. The trick is to hold the cv inline with the axle while you whack it.

    Now that the cv is off it is a good idea to clean anymore exposed grease.

    Slide the small band down the axle, now the boot, secure small band, whack the cv back on the axle, fill the boot with grease, slide large opening of the boot over the lip of the cv, secure large band. Now the axle is complete and ready to be whacked back in the diff.

    Install hub, a-arm bolts, castle nut, cotter pin, tire, and don't forget to put oil in the diff if any leaked out or if you had to drain it.


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    Good info posted by Water Gremlin. You wont have to drain your diff on the
    Rancher and if you decide to go with an aftermarket boot kit I would suggest you reuse the stock Honda boot band or replace with a stocker if old one isnt useable. If not useing a kit with included grease use a good moly graphite....

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    The simplicity of OEM bands are nice but I like the Gorilla bands and tool. It looks likes some kind of Chinese torture device, and is tough to figure out, but it allows you to set the band at whatever tension you like. I find that OEM bands tend to allow boot twisting in the winter time so I like a bit more tension on the boot bands. The Gorilla bands and tool is just the trick.


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