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Thread: Long Lake on the glenn

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    Default Long Lake on the glenn

    I am going out to long lake out by chickaloon tomorrow. Was wondering if anyone had any tips on how and where to catch fish there. I here there is lake trout and bourbot as well as char and bows. I would like to fish for any or all of those.

    I'll be using a scanoe with a trolling motor. I've read about a technique used mainly for char where there is a flasher set up about 18 inches above the hook with a worm. What kind of flasher is this? Is it similar to those huge ones used for trolling in the ocean? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Trolling a big leach pattern works good for most things in that lake. I dont know how to fish for burbot.

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    Default Long Lake

    If you want to catch trout gets some "Cowbells " a series of spinner then attach a leader with your worm.

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    Default During the winter

    There is a large rock on the north eastside. Picked up some nice one close to it
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    well we're back and we didnt do too well. we caught nothing trolling. caught a few decent char tossing spoons near the bank, and a ton of little stockers off the bank. was nice to get out for a couple of days regardless.


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