I was given a Zephyr kayak kit by a friend. It is a skin-on-frame design made with HDPE (plastic) crossribs and aluminum tubing. It is quite similar to the Feathercraft folding kayaks.

The kit came from Montreal and the instructions are a bit cryptic. Attempts to locate the original manufacturer have been unsuccessful. I think they were written by a French speaking guy who tried translating them into english. The directions jump around quite a bit and there are a couple things I'm having trouble understanding.

The instructions only have a few hand drawn sketches for reference during construction. There are no drawings or pictures of the completed kayak.

The person who gave me the kit said she and a couple of other friends bought several of the kits. So I'm hoping that someone out there might have some info on putting the kit together.

So if anyone out there owns one of these kayaks or knows someone who does I'd really like to talk with them and/or get some pictures of a completed boat.

I'd also appreciate talking with anyone who has built their own skin-on-frame folding kayak.

Thanks for any help that may be offered.