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Thread: Tomato & Pepper Question...

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    Default Tomato & Pepper Question...

    Hi Y'all! Just wanted to pop in to ask if anyone has any tomato plants (both big & cherry type) & cucumber plants for sale in the Anchorage area?
    I'd be ever so thankfull!
    Kim / MommaF8

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    Default farmer's Market

    I don't know if they have a farmer's market in Anchorage. I know that Alaska Feed and Seed probably has some. There are some good greenhouses in Anchorage as well. Just make sure your plants don't have aphids. A plague on your summer if you get maters with aphids.
    I bet that they have a Farmer's Market out in Palmer. I would go to one of those during the weekend.
    The same people selling organic tomatoes are selling starters right now.


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    Default Bells

    Bells nursery sells tomato plants, various sizes and types. Prices ranged
    $1.50-45.00 I picked some up weeks ago and are doing great outside.


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