Well i just got back from a day hunting in Whittier and was wondering about some stuff. It was one rough day of hunting Saturday with the rain and fog makes glassing very difficult! I did manage to finally locate one bear down in the grass feeding but ended up blowing the shot because of a dropped gun and not being smart enough to re-zero.. Alright well after i whiffed the shot i went and checked for any signs of a hit and after looking for a while i decided to size the tracks on this bear. The tracks were huge! They were almost as wide as 2 of the 375 ruger rounds side by side (3.25 inches each). I knew the bear was large but that seems a little extreme for a black bear (but i know where he'll be back to atleast). Anyways onto my main question, how long has there been deer on the mainland and smaller islands? I saw two deer in one day out there, one by culrose and one in cochrane bay. I didn't know there were deer in these areas at all. Hopefully after this week i will be posting pics of the blackie i'm after!