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    Default Liberty Falls

    As I was driving by the Liberty Falls Campground this week, I noticed that the barriers had been removed. We walked down to the campsites and saw that efforts to restore the campground to pre-flood condition have begun.
    We stopped in town and asked for information and were told that indeed the campground was being repaired and a new bridge and bathrooms were being installed.
    The repairs are being funded by FEMA and BLM will retain ownership. The project probably will not be completed until October of this year.
    It was a nice campground and I will be glad to see it back in use as we used it virtually every weekend.
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    Default Thank everybody...

    I hope that it remains BLM forever.
    It is one of the nicest places to clean up and swim in the entire area.
    The trail system that spreads out from above the upper trail goes a long ways if you know where to find it.
    The place is truly an Alaskan Treasure and I sincerely hope that it stays open for all Alaskans.




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