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    I just got a shooting supply catalog in yesterday and found six diferent types of 380 ammo in it. This ammo went for 11.99 to 14.99 for 50 rounds. I got a call three days ago from a gun shop that had 380 and they wanted 29.00 for a box of fifty. I know supply and demand plus shipping up here but that is quite a mark up. I'm not bad mouthing the gun shop I really like the shop great people and it looks like most places around town are charging about the same price when they can get it in. I guess if you want to shoot you have to bite the bullet and pay the price. Just don't bite to many they are expensive.

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    Notice: To everyone with issues about prices. You will look back lovingly on 2008/2009. Just wait till you see what is coming 2011/2012. When .380 ammo is $89.75 per box, (That price will be good for one day only) on the way to $315.00 per box, people will say, "Man I remember when".

    I remember .22 Shorts @ $3.99 per BRICK. (1956)

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    I can remember as a kid being able to go into the local gun shop and buying ten 22lr bullets and five 12ga. shells. They always kept open boxes to sell us kids what we could afford,heck you could even buy half a tube of BB's


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