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Thread: Halibut Cove lagoon ??'s

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    Default Halibut Cove lagoon ??'s

    I'll be heading over to the lagoon for a couple of days. I have a couple of questions. Is there any halibut fishing to be done in the lagoon itself? How about just outside of the lagoon? I'm hoping the kings have started to show up in there so that I can troll around for a while. Also, I plan on bringing the kayaks. Where abouts can one paddel and dig for some steamer clams nearby the lagoon?
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    i was in and out of there this morning, saw no kings or sign, and the campground host there hadn't either.
    no halibut in the lagoon, but there are a couple bumps in the cove that produce occasionally. they are charted, but if you can't find them call me and i'll give you numbers.
    you can dig steamers on the bars that will be exposed near the entrance to the lagoon. not sure how the winterkill is there, steamers numbers are down lots of places due to very hard freezes on minus tides last winter.
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