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Thread: Curry Landing strip to Talkeena Float

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    Default Curry Landing strip to Talkeena Float

    Looking at a over night float fishing sight seeing trip on the Susitna River out of Talkeena. Park in Talkeena, Saturday get on the Alaska Railroad Train up to the Curry Landing Strip. Set up and blow up the raft my 13 Cataraft & 5 hp Honda. Float the first 6.71 miles down to Lane Creek and camp out for the night. Have pan fried Rainbow Trout and or Grayling over a camp fire for dinner. Sunday Morning float the 16 miles to Talkeena eat lunch and enjoy a pleasant drive back home.
    Anyone know anything about this trip, info for a 2nd year 4th trip rafter.
    Any interest in anyone going ? No big water per guide book, except for normal dangers should be an excellent float ?

    Curry Landing Strip (62.36.936N / 150.00.810W) to
    Lane Creek (62.31.944W / 150.05.986W) 6.71 miles

    Lane Creek to Chase (62.27.520N / 150.06.969W) 5.6 miles

    Chase to Talkeena ( 62.19.394N / 150.07.102W) 10.48 miles
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    Which Saturday are you planning to go? I might tag along w/ ya!

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    Default Train runs

    Learned the Ak Railroad train rus Thursday to Sunday leaves 11;45am and cost $23 ow to Curry. So there is more info!


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