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Thread: scope mount for Swede M38?

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    Default scope mount for Swede M38?

    I just got another Swedish M38 6.5 x 55. Price was right, but it came without the military stock and has a fairly nice custom stock. Mismatched, but head spaces and shoots fine. Anyone know what bases and rings work well with it? Redfield made a one piece base that will fit, but I do not know how it works with loading and ejection. Leupold and weaver make two piece bases. Anyone done one? hi-low or medium rings? I do not want to scout scope this one.

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    After turning down the bolt and drilling and tapping, both a gun smith operation, either one or two piece base will work. Low or med rings will be determined by how low the bolt handle was bent/welded. Good luck; they are great rifles. J.

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    Two piece Leupold for M96 -M38 Swede mausers

    Or here if they have them in stock. These guys seem very slow on shipping
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    Do you have to bend the M38 bolt more?
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    Default M38

    The M38 is already bent by the factory, hopefully enough. I do not have a jig and am a little nervous to try a two piece myself. I'd hate not to get them perfectly straight. Although, I've done several cheap rifles. Hopefully I can find a paper pattern online.

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    I put Leupold two piece bases on my M96. Super accurate gun. I think for looks and simplicity, I'd use Talley two piece bases. But for utility, the Warne bases will work with any Warne/Weaver/Picitinny ring system. Order the Warne (unaltered - ie, the rear charging hump hasn't been milled off) and then get the rings you want or already own.***13461***

    Have a gunsmith drill and tap for your bases (and make sure he uses a good jig). But, something else to think about. Unless you are going to install a Timney or Bold trigger with an integral safety, you'll be using the Mauser "flag" saftey. And if you don't want to get the bolt handle professionally bent or welded on for a scope mount, you'll need a set of high scope rings to clear both the bolt (even though it is already bent) and the safety flag.

    That is the cheapest way to go. Once you get the bolt bent/welded for low scope, you'll also have to mill/file the tang on the receiver for the bolt handle. The filing job you can do yourself. I've done a few of these "cheap" mauser conversions. They rapidly approach the price of a new Ruger, but who can resist? If you want a super cheap conversion, mount a Warne base on the front ring, then put a good red-dot type sight on top of that. I've got that setup on a VZ24 with it's original 8mm Mauser barrel.

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    Default M38 scope

    Thanks...good info.

    I dug around and I have a two- piece base set. I gott go cheap on this one. I already have a scope. I'll try medium rings that I have, but will be ready to buy tall ones.

    A friend and I have access to an aircraft machine shop and have drilled and tapped a few Nagants. We will set up a template and possibly a jig to get the holes right. I do not want to cut / bend the bolt. The safety is loud and cumbersome for hunting, but military triggers have never bothered me.

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    Default love them sweedish

    Several years ago during a 3 month period which took in 4 gunshows, I sold 201 of them babies!
    The factory bent bolt WILL NOT clear the bolt. Ive converted a TON of them for scope use as well as cock on open, hinged floor plate,reciever sights and the list goes on and on. Even made 2ea for some sheep hunters that weighed 4 3/4 lbs WITH A SCOPE!

    Long story short, it's a simple matter to forge that bolt with a set of blocks, which I still have. No I ain't doing that work anymore but may loan out the blocks! The Redfield one piece is the easiest. Oh yea, one more thing DWM's and Carl Gustav models are just right for "home gunsmithing", them Huskvarnas are a little hard for the home tinkerer!

    P.M if your serious, Mike


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