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Thread: Federal/State Subsistence Enforcement ?

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    Default Federal/State Subsistence Enforcement ?

    I am asking this question for a friend of mine. "Do state enforcement officers have any jurisdiction over federally managed fisheries? Specifically, if a brown shirt asks to see my fishing license, and instead of showing him my sport fish license if I instead hold up a Federally issued subsistence halibut card, is the officer going to make any further investigation (ask to see fish etc), or just say "Have a good day" and leave? I'm wondering because the by-catch rules for the subsistence halibut fishery are pretty loose. The way that I read them, I can catch anything that I would be allowed to catch as a sport fisherman while rod and reel subsistence halibut fishing- plus being exempt from a few sport fishing restriction."
    Thanks guys for your help.
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    I believe that the Federally-managed subsistence halibut regulations only apply to the halibut harvests themselves. Other fish taken as bycatch are managed under State subsistence regulations. Here's a link to some FAQ's for the federal program...#5 on that list addresses your question, I think. In any case, it suggests contacting ADFG for specifics on bycatch retention.


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