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    Default First trip pws

    Weekend before last I got to run a new 26ft Wooldridge pilot with some friends out of Whittier, powered with twin Etec 115's. The boat ran great, I really liked the Garmin 5212 the Etecs seem to run the same as Yamaha 115's for cruise rpm/speed on the same length/brand of boat I have ran. I wrote down a few speed and rpm numbers.
    5300 rpm 43 mph WOT I could have trimmed them up a bit and got more I think.
    4200rpm 32 mph
    4000rpm 30 mph
    3800rpm 26mph
    3400rpm 23mph
    We cruised at 4000rpm most of the time and just ran them up from there for these numbers

    They are faster out of the hole but seem to be louder than the Honda or Yamaha 4 strokes, time will tell, the boat was brand new.
    They each used 1 gallon of oil for 150 gal of fuel burned on the trip. I guess the computer adds extra oil in the first few hrs of operation I hope, the XD 100 oil is $45.00 a gallon!!!!!
    We had great weather for two days, saw several whales,lots seals and dall porpoise caught some rock fish and my biggest halibut so far. Great first trip and we can't wait to spend some more time out there.

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    Beautiful boat and nice fish. Thanks for the pics.

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    Looks like a good time. Nice looking boat and fish and pictures.

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    Smile Nice fish!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Are you sure that Garrett did not catch that nice fish, good looking boat will see ya in two weeks thanks for the pictures.

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    beautiful boat, and nice fish bro^^

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    Default Garrett did all the reeling...

    the big boys pulled in onboard for him.
    Nice going and great pics. Thanks.


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