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Thread: New Whittier Ramp Operations?

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    Question New Whittier Ramp Operations?

    I haven't launched in Whittier this year yet. This past winter there was quite a bit of speculation on the forum on whether the new 3 ramp system would be more efficient or a cluster. It must be working okay or someone would have posted by now. Is there anyone from the harbor helping direct docking traffic on weekends or just taking money? Also, any advice you have to offer on how to keep boats moving in and out smoothly would be appreciated so I don't add to any problems. Regards

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    Works the same as last year, non-directional on any lane, total free-for-all. Be prepared to help walk boats around each other. Length is good for the space available in the habor, the concrete is nice to drive on, dock edge is plastic and decent. Watch out for the little building that is in the middle, it could grab a camper top if you have one.


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