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Thread: Flushing the 212?

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    Default Flushing the 212?

    I've taken my jet boat to PWS two times. Couldn't flush at Twenty Mile without sucking up a dipnetter. The launch looked too rough and so did the Knik. Finger Lake was closed both times and it looks like they are ready to tear up the ramp. I drove all the way to Big Lake just to flush. I know they make a flush kit for a Hamilton 212 but I hear it takes plywood, carpet, a floor jack, and two firehoses to use it. There has to be a better way Toyota. What am I missing?

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    Default lakes to flush.

    Boud'arc, there where a couple lakes you passed on the way to big lake. Wasilla and Lucille lake are a bit closer. Just a thought unless they were closed.

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    If all you want to do is flush the jet unit then spray the garden hose up in it. If you want to flush the fresh water side of your cooling system then add a T-fitting in the water inlet hose running from your sand trap to your cooling system and put a valve between the T-fitting and sand trap so you can block the water from returning to the intake. Then hook up your garden hose and turn the water on and it will flush through the fresh water side and out and exhaust. When you are done don't forget to open the valve back up or your engine will overheat very quickly when you go to fire it up. You also might want to carry along an extra T-fitting and cap in case that ones breaks or the cap runs away.

    Also never run a Hamilton jet out of the water or you will burn up the bearings in it. They are made out of some composite material and require constant water lubrication and cooling. The kit you refer to has a poor reputation for not doing a good job of this.
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    Thanks for the info broncoformudv. I've always wondered why I couldn't do exactly as you said. I know not to run the 212 dry that's why I never attempted. I got three different explanations from three different employees at the place I bought the boat. The kit they wanted to sell me was over $250 dollars and then I didn't know who to believe so I just dunked it in a lake. I think I can build a tee and valve for a tad under $250 .

    21' Grayling,

    I'll make a point to locate the ramps to the lakes you listed. I haven't been to either and wasn't sure if they had a HP limit. Thanks.

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    Also note unless you are well above the Glenn Hwy bridge at the Knik you are most likely still pushing saltwater (brackish) thru at high tide.


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