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Thread: I've heard that a good gold claim was not filed, how do I find out?

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    Default I've heard that a good gold claim was not filed, how do I find out?

    Ok, I have a place where there is an old dredge and I've heard that the claim was not refiled?

    how can I find out asap?

    is there a company that you can pay to research for you?

    Scotty in the AK bush

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    If you need some help with using the Alaska mapper drop me a line. You might also mess around with the Alaska Resource Data file. It might have some info on it.

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    Default thanks, I'm starting to figure it out...Tom Sparks in nome helped me also

    Well, Tom Sparks in NOme was really good, he walked me through the links you sent me.

    Well, my dredge is part on native land, part of it that i could dredge is still locked out right now til the FEDS release it, the native corp had claimed it, but the FEDS did not give it to them in the claims act, 1972....but have not freaking released it for mining, but, are suppose to in the next year....

    So, I'm gonna look at the solomon know, why would there not be gold on the beach there?....there are places open to mining on fed land, state land, etc on the beach?????

    just an idea for somethign different and remote from nome....

    is there a summer road to solomon?
    Scotty in the AK bush

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    There is gold on the beach there but it was kind of spotty. The concentrations were'nt as high as the west beach. If you had a boat you might try the area call The Bluff. There is a bit of gold on that beach and in the feeder creeks. It was just hard to get to without a boat. Not sure what the status is on beach there as far as ownership. Things changed once Sitnasuk started claiming lands...


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