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Thread: Korkers wading boots

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    Default Korkers wading boots

    Who has experience with the Korkers Omnitrax sole system? How about the Kling-on rubber soles?
    I'm looking at the lower end Cross Current boot.

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    I'm on my 2nd pair of cross currents so you know I like them a lot. I usually use the felt sole for rivers and lug for lakes, I don't have the aqua stealth or other soles yet. As far as grip goes, they grip like any other felt has, good sometimes, and not others.

    For comfort, most comfortable boots I've owned. My first pair wore out at the seams after about 150 trips, but only because they were too tight, I should have sized up. I am also very very hard on boots, I'll put a lot of miles on them some days, and that's just to and from.

    They do run a bit small, so keep that in mind.

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    I couldn't speak for the cross current, but I own the streamborn wading boot. I absolutely love them, no blisters, tears, or anything. Definitely worth the money, and after hearing about a guy on the situk complaining about his simms boots blistering him up, I'm glad I had these on when I was down there. Its nice to have the option to change the felt out if this state ever banned the felt soles like New Zealand has.

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    Default soles for korkers

    Quote Originally Posted by bstacy1974 View Post
    Who has experience with the Korkers Omnitrax sole system? How about the Kling-on rubber soles?
    I'm looking at the lower end Cross Current boot.
    I have steamborns and have all the soles. Personally I've used the lug soles most because I tend to walk alot. Felt definitely grips better than the lugs on slippery rocks. I have not used the sticky rubber (stealth)ones yet, but I imagine they will fall somewhere between the lugs and the felt on slippery rocks.

    If you're fishing mud (ie bird creek, ship creek tidewater areas) I'd go with the lugs. If you're fishing late or early and there's any chance of snow, I'd go with the lugs or stealth. I think the stealth soles would probably be the best all around choice if you encounter several different conditions in one day.

    That being said, all of them have their place. A friend of mine said his stealth soles work almost as good as felt on the slippery stuff, and he doesn't slide around in the mud as much as he does with felts.

    Like bigcox said earlier, the streamborns are THE MOST COMFORTABLE wading shoes I've EVER worn, and I've been stomping around rivers for 35 years.
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    I went with the Cross Current boots. They seem really comfortable just wearing them at the store and here at home. Sportsmans didn't have the Kling-on or Stealth soles. I'll check the fly shop today sometime. Thanks for the replies.
    As far as them running small, I would never buy a pair of wading boots without trying them on first. These boot prove my point. Korkers recommends one shoe size larger, I had to go two sizes! I bought a new pair of Hodgman Wadelites at the same time, so I tried them on together. Good thing I didn't let my eagerness for new stuff get in the way of reason.
    Thanks again.

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    Thumbs up Good track record...

    As good as interchangeable soles might sound, I was concerned when I examined these boots off the rack, that the sole locking mechanism might somehow fail; pieces break off, etc. But they're proving durable/reliable in the field from all posted experiences. Helpful video on their website too. Thanks.


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