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Thread: Fishing in July at Seward

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    Default Fishing in July at Seward

    Hi there

    I will be with the family mid July in Seward for several days. I was hoping someone could recommend a good Hali / Cod charter for a full day. It will be likely just myself for the day - hopefully I can still get a spot.

    I was also curious if anyone could recommend a place to take kids fishing in the area. I'm open to getting a guide if necessary - the goal being to get the kids and grandpa catching fish (trout, dolly, etc).

    Thanks for your help - Chris

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    Default Seward

    Call The Fish House for a combo trip and get in touch with me and I can help you out with the kids. I sent you a P.M.

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    Call Crackerjack or ProFishinSea. They catch fish if fish are there. They have been steady producers for many years.

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    You should be able to still get a spot if you are flexible with a few days for fishing. The kids can have lots of fun out of Seward also... river is always calm though. Sending the kids to the Sea Life Center in Seward is also another option. Sea life center is a mini sea world Alaska style.

    Enjoy your trip.


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