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Thread: Montana, Sheep, Willow or Lil Su?

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    Default Montana, Sheep, Willow or Lil Su?

    I'm going to be headed down to the Kenai around June 12/13th from Fairbanks. I want to stop on the way down for 1 night/Day. Question is which of the Parks steams would anyone favor over the other. Ive fished Montana before but not this early in the season. And which is the best bet for possibly having a fair number of Kings? Thanks to anyone who has any suggestions.

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    Default What I might do...

    Stop at Montana, then Sheep, then Willow.... give them all a few hours. All of the mouths are pretty close to the road. I'd maybe skip the Little Su unless you hear otherwise between now and then. All of the easy access spots are higher upstream and unless a good wave of fish hits really soon you'd be wasting your time there. Just my opinion...


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