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Thread: Bear baiting in 14A and B

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    Default Bear baiting in 14A and B

    Hello All, It has been a while since I started a thread. I was curious if anybody out there has any helpful information about baiting in 14B. For the last couple years I have been baiting in 14A close to home. But, I have noticed a major increase in hunting pressure in the last couple years. My hunting partner and I are considering setting up another station north of Willow (14B). Can anyone give us any tips on where to start. I was kind of interested in the sheep creek/montana creek area. I have spent a lot of time fishing that area and it looks kind of good for bears. I know some of the locals in the area can be pretty territorial. Can anyone give up any helpful tips on where to start in this area?


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    I'm not territorial. However, good luck finding a good place that is a mile from a residence anywhere near Sheep Creek or Montana Creek on the road system that is not already being baited. I live in this area and I've just about given up bear baiting in the immediate area. Lots of pressure, poor quality bears, and too many brown bears are my biggest reasons. My second reason is the high volume of slob and illegal bait stations in my area. It's gotten to the point that I just don't want to be part of it any more.

    While typing this my local F&W Trooper returned the bolt cutters I loaned him. He busted three hunters, two non-resident and one resident, for hunting on an unregistered bait station that was only 1/2 mile from a residence. Good for the trooper.
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    Default Thanks for the help

    I appreciate it. Maybe I will steer clear of that area. Maybe I will try going further north. I don't know. I like bear baiting and hunting blackies with my recurve, but I don't like the meat enough to travel too far away from home. I already have a nice black and griz. It's too bad that not enough guys obey the rules. It can be really frustrating. My buddy and I bust our backs trying to pack in all our gear to meet the 1 mile requirement away from a house. And then we find other guys putting the bait stations less than a half a mile away from houses and not even getting caught. Oh well. Good luck AK Doug


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