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Thread: You know it is spring in Alaska when the Moose bloom in your yard

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    Default You know it is spring in Alaska when the Moose bloom in your yard

    This cow was in my driveway tuesday morning and would not shoo off. She turned and I could see afterbirth hanging from her rear. Still could not see a calf from the safety of my doorway so I scooted around my truck and got in. She was not bothered by me so I am thinking she is the same cow that hits my apple trees and currant bushes each winter and spring.

    Once the truck was started the calf popped out of a flower bed next door and tottered over to its mom. Eventually they walked down the street. I think this is the second calf born in this yard in the last four years. It is a mile from Ft Rich training lands so she does not have to worry about bears, wolves, or coyotes.

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    Gotta love it!!!!!!!
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    That is awesome. The wife and I are jealous.

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    that just amazing sight there my friend


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