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Thread: Matanuska 5/31?

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    Default Matanuska 5/31?

    I'm considering driving to Anchorage from Delta J. this weekend, would like to do a river run to make it worthwhile.
    I have a packraft that hasn't seen any real whitewater yet, I'd like to get in some class II, III- water with it, looking at Matanuska river, below Lion's Head of course.
    Would anybody be up for a run on Sunday?
    Does anybody know runtimes between Hicks Creek & Chickaloon, or any major obstacles?

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    Default Mat. river

    The best section of the Mat. besides the first few miles after the glacier access bridge is from the Chickaloon to the takeout after Carpenter creek.....
    This section is usually class II but will upgrade to class III at higher water levels usually found around July when the gage is above 12,000 cfs or so.
    You will find some big holes and fair sized waves.
    I have never been impressed with the whitewater on the other stretches of the river, but the scenery is awesome.

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    Thanks for the info!

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    Default mighty Mat.

    After a Chickaloon trip we hit the Mat. and it was running at 16000. This turned out to be quite fun, the waves before carbon creek were 6 ft, and it was humpin. The river looked like liquid mud, with parts of trees floating down it, was a great way to end a trip.
    Randy punched through carbon creek hole on the right in a Sotar IK by accident, but I was impressed.
    Summers back.

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    Post some pics, or at least upload into a photo album and then share the URL with us!....


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