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Thread: Matanuska 5/31?

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    Default Matanuska 5/31?

    I'm considering driving to Anchorage from Delta J. this weekend, would like to do a river run to make it worthwhile.
    I have a packraft that hasn't seen any real whitewater yet, I'd like to get in some class II, III- water with it, looking at Matanuska river, below Lion's Head of course.
    Would anybody be up for a run on Sunday?
    Does anybody know runtimes between Hicks Creek & Chickaloon, or any major obstacles?

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    Did that a week ago. We put in at the Glacier Access Bridge at 10am, and took about an hour to get to Hicks Creek. By 7pm we we camped an hour above Chikaloon. So we took 8 hours, but over 2 of those stopped for various reasons. Figure less than 6 hours actual float time.

    No serious obstacles, but a few rocks to dodge. The few splashes we had we just about had to hunt down. All class I-II until the water rises some more.

    The new Hicks Creek access is from the southwest side of Hicks Creek, and is a miserable little thing. Modern road building has absolutely no regard for boaters.

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    I think we will be taking some 12ft cats down the Upper Mat sat.

    If we can, we will put in on Caribou Creek & take out @ Hick's. If the run time from the glacier bridge to Hick's is about an hour, there should be enough water in Lion's Head.

    But who knows. Could be nothing but a workout, but I still need to get out.

    post up if anybody want's to drive up & share a shuttle.

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    "Modern road building has absolutely no regard for boaters. "
    That's what packrafts are for!! And why my hardshell is so lonely now...
    Thanks for the info, everybody! Wish I could make it Sat, but can't.


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