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Thread: Ferry Cancelled! I need some help!

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    Default Ferry Cancelled! I need some help!

    So to make a long story short, our ferry from Prince Rupert to Ketch got cancelled, shorting us a day on an already-short hunt on POW.

    They rebooked on for a ferry later in the evening, meaning we miss the ferry to Hollis and are stuck in Ketch until the next afternoon.

    Not to be a party pooper, I'm wondering how we can make the best of our situation in Ketch. Anyone know of any local bear waters where we could take our 12' Achilles and put in a morning hunt?

    Any good "close" fishing to Ketch accessible by an outbaord powered infltable?

    Would it be beneficial to charter a fishing boat for the morning?

    I'm looking for any info. that would turn this situation into something more positive.

    thanks for the help,

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    Default I know the south area

    I lived there in the summers. Didn't hunt there but friends did. You can go south and either fish at herring cove for Kings, they should be starting in now, or hunt George inlet or carrol inlet. Have seen lots of bears in both. Also there is fishing north by Knudson cove. I am sure there are bears if you get a little away also. YOu would have a great chance either way you went.



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