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Thread: Combo trips vs. single species

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    Default Combo trips vs. single species

    Hi all-

    I'm putting together a proposal for a magazine article on the pros and cons of combo fishing charters, (halibut plus salmon, ling cod, rockfish etc.), vs. single-species trips, mostly for halibut. I'm sure I can grab some strong opinions for both approaches on this forum- any input greatly appreciated.


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    Halibut only trips are a little easier to put together. Lots of places hold halibut, but not necessarily multi-species of fish.

    Last year our multi-species fish trip was cancelled because they captain didn't feel safe going past a certain point due to rough seas. We went anther day and the seas were justs as crappy. We ended up just halibut fishing.

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    Default Combinations...

    They vary dependent upon location, and the price increases for combination dependent upon location.

    I have found that many charters out of Kodiak do not fit this description and that combination trips are the same price.

    Again, it's all about location...

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    Halibut only vs. Halibut/King Combo:

    I think a lot of it depends on the tide. If you're going on a day when you can sit on the bottom all day, go for Halibut only. But if there's a big tide that won't let you anchor for more than a couple hours, throw in some trolling.

    In my very limited experience, I don't think the trolling is all that worthwhile. If you've got people that don't fish regularly, trolling around looking for salmon is a good way to make the trip a lot more boring.

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    There are lots of different combo trips, king/halibut being one. There's silver salmon/halibut, lingcod/halibut, and "multi-species" trips that target three or more species. Then there's the fact that on a halibut/ling combo, you'll likely catch some rockfish as well, either or both yelloweye or black rockfish. The big difference, I'd say, between any combo and a straight halibut trip, is quite simply TIME.
    A halibut only trip offers a greater chance at bigger fish, at a larger average size, or if the fishing is slow, at simply a limit. By taking time out to fish one or more other species, it takes time away from the above goal.
    Personally, I'll choose a combo any time...most charters do charge more for this, but I've found at least one which doesn't. I like variety, I like changing up methods and tackle when fishing, and I like to eat salmon, lincod, and rockfish as much or more than halibut. I like the chance at a big fish (halibut) and the liklihood of catching more fish.
    Then again, you can fish a straight halibut charter and use jigs instead of bait. This increases your chances of lingcod and rockfish "bycatch," and certainly doesn't hurt your halibut catching.
    And you can add in that some areas, when the tides are strong, only have a window when halibut fishing is optimal, if even doable. In this case, a combo might be well worth the time and/or expenditure, as it doesn't impact the chance at numbers or size of halibut.
    Those are my thoughts....
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    The charters on the west coast of POW all do multi-species charters. I think maybe one operator advertises halibut charters. It's common for boats to limit out on Kings/Cohos/Halibut with rockfish/ling if time permits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 270ti View Post
    The charters on the west coast of POW all do multi-species charters. I think maybe one operator advertises halibut charters. It's common for boats to limit out on Kings/Cohos/Halibut with rockfish/ling if time permits.
    Mid July to mid August (weather permitting) you can do it all and be in for an afternoon nap. Go out to Forrester you might even make it in for lunch. ;-)

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    My personal record is 4 kings, 24 cohos, 8 hali, 4 lings and back to the dock by 9:30am.. Could hardly get the cover on the half tote. The girls still give me guff about that one! And the halibut were not small.

    Forrester is in a class all by itself.. I've done my share of power trolling out there. Best fishing in Alaska, IMO...

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    AKkings.. Are the rumors true about the halibut you boyz pulled out of Forrester in Aug of 07? One of your ex captains spilled the beans...

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    Wasn't just 07 ;-)

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    I did the power troll 05 season july 1st opener out at that rock.. The only thing that rivaled that opener was the 03 troll opener I did up at the triple 40s at the fairweather grounds.. I've seen a few king salmon...(grin)


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