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    My wife and I are heading to Homer for an anniversary trip May 29th-30th. We are basically new to kayaking and would be renting gear either from somewhere in Homer and/or from Ft. Richardson MWR.

    Based of of some readings it sounds like it would be a lot of fun to kayak across the bay, camp and hike on the other side then kayak back the next day. The problem is we can't tell whether this would be safe or not beings that we are novice kayakers.

    Thanks for you help and any advice you can shoot our way.

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    Its kind of a long paddle to get across the bay. Also lots of boat traffic.

    Look into a water taxi. hey can drop you off and pick you up across the bay so you can focus your energy paddling in the fun places. Not getting to the fun places.

    Another option would be Seward and paddle form the beach out twoards Caines head. Couple good camping beaches north of the head and less exposed to the ocean and traffic. There is also a side hike up to the top of Caines head. There are soem ww2 bunkers up there from old gun emplacements overlooking the entrance to the port.

    Water taxis out of Seward are and option as well.

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    paddling across the bay is not for the inexperienced. there are a several good guided kayaking options here, True North and A Seaside adventure are both good. seaside has cabins to rent overnight and the folks who run it are great.
    any taxi (me, mako, true north) will rent you kayaks and take you across the bay for drop-off paddling in a protected bay (halibut cove lagoon, china poot, tutka bay).
    feel free to give me a call when you are down here if you have questions.
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