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Thread: Seward local halibut report

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    Default Seward local halibut report

    Due to the weather, I choose to fish locally this weekend on my charters. I have been telling you guys to try fishing at a varitey of local spots near Seward. I forgot how much patience it takes to get the **** halibut to bite fishing near Seward. We did catch our fish this weekend but it took hours of sitting there waiting for a bite. I fished Barwell yesterday afternoon in about 325 feet of water. Wide open cod bite followed by a slow pick on halibut from 20 - 35 pounds. Fished the morning off of Horsehead in 265' tons of cod, and 5 halibut from 20 - 90 pounds. A few rockfish. then today, Junken...very slow bite to start but the bite turned on in the mid afternoon and it actually got fairly good. I would think that by next weekend, that Junken might be worth a shot for half a day in the morning hours as by then the end of the incoming tide will be starting in the morning....That is when the halibut bite came on. Seemed to be the case everywhere today.

    Thats all, tons of cod, quite a bit of barfing and after watching time stand still ...the halibut did in fact bite.

    Hope for nicer weather or dumber halibut

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    Default Sounds like I made a good choice ....

    With a lot of fresh Rockfish in the freezer and a desire to get some Halibut I thought long and hard about heading to Seward to try for a third time this year to get a few flatfish. But ... the tides did not look all that great, instead I grabbed the Cessna C-180 and flew over to Polly creek for a great morning of digging real big clams. Fifty five amounted to 3/4 full for a 5 gallon bucket. The moutian did not blow ... but there is about 3-4 inches of volcanic ash above the tide line. It does not seem to have had any negative impact on the bi-valves.....

    Next week for sure the Halibut should be in .... also I have had good luck around cape Puget when I could find a bate ball on the sounder .... not so far this year though ...


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