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Thread: Native claimed land question

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    Default Native claimed land question


    I would like to know where to find out if I can still hunt BLM land that has been claimed by a native corp, but has not been transferred yet. Is it legal to hunt claimed land or not? I know you can't hunt it after it has been transferred and becomes native corp lands. Some folks/native corps say you can't hunt the claimed lands, but i thought it was not native until tranferred?

    Please help with info on this subject as I don't want to violate any laws or trespass on native lands.


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    Your assumptions are correct - it is NOT native land UNTIL it has been transferred. A native corp does not have control of a tract of land UNTIL it owns the land, i.e. it has been transferred. Check the archives for several prior threads on this same subject.

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    Default What area?

    The agency was trying to finalize all land transfers by this summer. I think 2010 at the latest. Not sure when/where to find out this info though. Might contact the BLM office in your area just to be sure. Like shphtr said, if it isn't transfered it is still BLM land.

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    Default Good question

    Not to disagree with what you've been told so far, and hopefully not to confuse you further, but there is another term called, "Interim Conveyed" this term applies to land that has been selected by the Native Corporations and Interim Conveyed to them by the State pending final transfer. What you'll see when you go to the BLM office and look up the land title/plats is an "IC" and then some numbers that means this section of land has been Interim Conveyed.

    As mentioned below, there are other threads which deal with this in depth and provide links to maps to show general Native Corporation land ownership.

    I erred on the side of caution and contacted the Native Corporation whom I thought might own the property and in short they told me that it was IC'd to them. I filled out their "Request to use form" and everyone was happy.


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