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Thread: Raft with Outboard Requiring Battery

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    I'm finally biting the bullet and getting a 4-stroke to replace my 25hp Tohatsu. I hate to do it. I had nothing in my mind (except what make) but to get a manual start, long shaft. I wanted to move up to a 30 hp because they weigh the same as the 25's. But both are more than the 2-strokes.

    At the 30hp level, you are limited with the manual start. I was thinking of getting a Honda, but their manual starts stop at 25hp. Although Tohatsu does have a manual 30hp. Anyone have one of those???

    Has anyone rigged an electric start engine on their raft or cataraft? I have an Aire Leopard. I have never had an electric start engine. I figure I can rig a tie down, or some kind of container for the battery. But it being a raft, it is sure to get wet - regularly. Will this be a problem? How big does the battery have to be? Is one enough? Thank you for your help.

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    I think you could probably set it up (the battery) in some sort of water proof (maybe not totally) container, but man is that going to be one heavy combo. That motor weighs in the 160's plus the battery I'm guessing around 40 lbs. Just seems like a lot of weight.


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