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    How good (quality) and how versatile would a 22' Thunderjet (I think excaliber model and 1994 year) be? I would assume it is too big for Little Su, and running real shallow? Probably more of a Deshka, Yukon, Talkeetna type river boat? How about in the salt? Anchor point kings? Can I get out far enough to get any halibut or shrimp?

    Also--and this is strictly for the better half--can you pull a skier well with it?

    Thanks for the answers on the "red flag hours". It is the same boat and it sounds like the hours are no problem (360 hrs on a 460 engine)

    Any help is appreciated. I am also seeking suggestions on a good all around boat, if this one will not fit that description.

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    Thunder jet should fine for all you have stated doing. Only thing is you need to realize the boat wasnt designed for ocean use and as long as you keep that in mind you'll do fine. Watch the weather.

    Shallow water- if you are in less than 6" of on going shallow water id be leary of running it. I think you'd be happy with this boat if all is in good condition and you want all around performance. Just know that one boat doesn't do all around things the best.


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