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Thread: Does anyone own a Klamath or Bayrunner?

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    Default Does anyone own a Klamath or Bayrunner?

    I have been thinking about getting a 20' with a center console.

    Is a 35hp enough power?
    How do they handle in a river with the current?
    Any recommendations for a good boat for both the Kenai and deep creek?

    Thanks in advance for your input.


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    One of mine is an 18' Bayrunner cc. I run a 75 hp Suzuki. I know of another 18 w/ a 35 on it. He does good on the salt. I don't know how much heavier yours is than mine, but you might be getting close to the lower end of the power range for Cook Inlet when it kicks up.
    I run mine on a west side river and it does great if the water stays fat. Just watch the rollers and swells, the hull will grab the water and throw your ass out! They are great for running up on the beach. I've slid a lot of fish over the gunnel of mine.

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    Default 19 footer

    I have a Bayrunner with a 90hp Honda. I keep it throttled back, but the extra is there when I need it. I would say a 35 would be seriously low on the power scale. A 50 would be minimum in my estimation.

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    Default bayrunner

    Those are both excellent boats and kind of standard all around boats for Southcentral Alaska (old timers used Lunds). I see Kalamaths everywhere and a lot of the 18s have 35s but I have never ridden in one. My family has owned Bayrunners for many years. We started with the 18 and it does fine with a 35. But the 20 is a heavy boat, as is the 18 if you add floorboards, console, or other gear. They can pack a load but you need some horses to push it(one has a 75 and the other a 115). I have seen 20s with twin 35s which may be a better option. But a single 35 you may not get on step with a few people/gear in the boat.

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    Default Go big and go home

    I run a 16 foot Bayrunner with a 40 horse, and it will scoot. They are deep-hulled boats, and I wouldn't even consider a 35 on an 18 or 20 footer. Go with the bigger motor, you will not regret it. You would probably have a hard time getting on step with a load, with the lighter power motors. IMO, it's worth the extra coin to get a motor you'll be satisfied with. Running a skiff with a dog of an outboard isn't much fun, ESPECIALLY if you're trying to get a high-bow boat like that on step.

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    Thumbs up 18' Klamath w/35

    I run a 18' Klamath with a 35 Suzuki. It cruises great with my family of four and the dog. The biggest load I've had was 4 adults, two kids, the dog, cooler with lunch, and a couple buckets of clams. Got on step with no problem. The 35hp is nice for the Kenai. Hope this helps.

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    Default Bayrunner

    I have a 16ft Bayrunner with a 50 Honda on it. I consider this to be adequate HP for this small boat. With 3 people, on good water I cruise at 26 knots and can get the boat out of the hole fairly easily. I have fished out of 2 different 20 footers, both with 35s and consider them to be terribly underpowered. I feel the 20 boats need a 90hp minimum.


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