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Thread: Electra Dyne Hauler install on a 24' Bayliner

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    Default Electra Dyne Hauler install on a 24' Bayliner

    I stopped by a customer's place to other day to check out the install he did of a ED hauler he purchased from me.
    He used the "Alasgun" method of mounting the hauler on the cabin back of his 24' Bayliner. I think he did a excellent job, simple,clean and out of the way. He's still working on a davit but we brainstormed that and came up with a few good ideas. Check out the way he turned the gearbox and motor on its side so it would fit inside a storage/seat in the cabin, it still allows the under seat storage to be used and keeps the guts of the ED out of the weather.
    You did a super job Jim !!
    ed bayliner 1.jpg
    ed bayliner seat.JPG

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    Default Were getting closer!

    Sooner or later, there'l be enough of them things out there to have a "stlye show".
    They don't fit everywhere, but as you can see, their far more adaptable than anything else out there and certianly can add a handsome look when installed with a little forethought!
    I'm proud to be considered a "pioneer" and have appreciated the numerous comments given by folks who have taken the time to check out our set up. Oh and did I mention how well they reel up the shrimp gear?

    Looks like your on your way, Jim, keep us in the loop on that davit too!

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    Default Looks Nice!

    That is a very clean hauler installation and looks like a class-act. ;-]

    I too am looking forward to seeing the final davit installation arrangement. I have an older (1983) Bayliner and have been considering adding a pot-hauling davit.


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