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Thread: Jim Lake -> Old Glenn/New Glenn Float Time

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    Default Jim Lake -> Old Glenn/New Glenn Float Time

    Anybody estimate the float time from Jim Lake to one of the Bridges on the Knik?

    I have paddled from Jim lake and returned to Jim Lake, in the same day. I have only paddled through to the knik on a short overnighter.

    My impression is that an overnighter is not really necessary, just do not have a good feel for the float time if done in one day.

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    I've never made the trip in a canoe, but I would plan on doing A LOT of dragging from the Jim Creek flats all the way to the last popular fishing spot just south of flats. That's a solid two mile drag.

    From there the float should be very mild. Today I saw a bunch of floaters before the Y above the Matanuska confuence and two hours later they only made it 5 miles down river. That's 2.5mph. That would be a LONG day.

    Hope this helps.

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    Default It's a summer tradition

    We do a 3-5 family float trip every summer from the Old Knik River Bridge to the New Knik River bridge. That's about a 3 hour float.

    I have never gone down through the Jim Creek Flats. I have canoed Jim Creek a lot but I know one person who ended up carrying their canoe a long ways over shallow water on that lower part. I think it would be OK when the water is high. You shouldn't have to carry if the water is higher, but maybe you would drag a few places.
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