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Thread: Seward Rock Fish from Shore

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    Default Seward Rock Fish from Shore

    Starting to look into fishing from shore for rock fish or the occasional halibut.

    Anyone know of a decent spot in the Seward area? I have heard that Lowell Point road has some potential, but am unsure what to look for. Will any outcrop or rocky point work? If I remember right the water gets deep pretty fast in that area.

    Most of my Seward fishing has been from a boat, so I am not too familiar with the opportunities from shore.
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    i heard of people catching some from shore long the road to millers landing. However i have lived here for the last three years and the only thing i've caught from shore is salmon. maybe if there is a a way to hike on the other side of the bay, you might have better luck out way pass 4th of july beach. Like directley across from millers landing or so.


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