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Thread: Sitka Soldier trip

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    Default Sitka Soldier trip

    Here are a couple of pics from Sitka.

    Mike and Linda thank you for a great trip. Words can not explain how the Soldiers feel about the whole trip.

    Mike from Texas. Thank you brother for all your support.

    To all the people that chipped in for the trip. Thank you. Your contrubution is greatly apprecatied
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    Default More Pics

    Just more pics
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    Default more pics

    Just a couple more
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    Default Few More

    last two pics
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    Talking Awesome!!

    Glad to have been able to help some of you go on a trip of a lifetime. We will keep on doing it until there is nothing left to give. Glad you had a wonderful time!

    Mike in Texas

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    Default Great Job

    Mike, thanks again for helping make this happen. What a great time these guys must of had. I wish I could have been there as well...

    Joe...good pics...bout time you posted some more.


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    Mike and everyone else thanks for making this happen and giving soldiers the opportunity to get out and enjoy Alaska!

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    Mike and Linda rock..., laywia however ya spell that boat...and bohica! Have fished around them quite a bit, definatly awesome people!

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    A few more pictures for you to enjoy!



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