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Thread: Gunnel Railing Installation

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    Default Gunnel Railing Installation

    I'd like to know (with pictures too) what types of railings you folks have installed on top of your boat gunnels. I'm probably going to buy a boat that has most all that I want, but the gunnel height is only 25". Too low in my book, and I want to install a railing to bring that height up to around 30".

    Of course there is the S.S. tubing that I could probably install with herky brackets so the 5" high railing is rock solid, but there are other types of railings out there installed that I can't seem to find commercially.

    I want to install something very solid on the inside edge of the gunnel that will in effect extend the "leaning" height of the gunnel for safer fishing.

    Please show me your creations!


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    Look at this sight click on "boat layout" pictures 3, 6 14 & 18 for some ideas. A little spendy but its nice equipment and gives you options for mounting about anything you want.


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