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    I have been in Alaska for about a year and a half now and finally getting a chance to hunt this coming season. I will be going on a moose hunt with a co-worker of mine, but what I would really like to hunt is Sheep. I love to hike and be in the mountains and have been hunting since I was very young and the more I read about sheep hunting it is something I must do before I leave Alaska. The problem is I only have a little over a week window away from work for sheep and would be more economical not to do a fly out this year. I have read without a fly out hunt and time it is almost impossible to capitalize. What I am asking is if anyone can pass on some advise as to where I could hunt just to gain some experience being in sheep country but don't have to fly there. I know there is always more pressure in those areas but like I said I need to gain experience first. I already have all the gear necessary to do a pack hunt and also have an ATV if that helps at all. I also stay in hiking shape year around and have a hunting patner that does the same.

    This forum has been a blessing since I have moved to AK and I thank all of you with the knowledge you pass on, it's very much appreciated.

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    There is good news! You may only have a week durring summer but I bet you have a bunch of weekends between now and then, perhaps even some 3-4 dayers amongst them!! You want to find a sheep? Start looking NOW<grin> Heck take a rifle with you and you might even catch a bear while scouting. Check the regs and a topo map then start planning weekend vacations to likely spots. Get an ultrlight packable spinning pole and enjoy fishing along the way. The best part is when you do set out on your dream hunt you will be in great shape and ready to make the most out of your week! good luck wish I was home to do the same!!


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