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    Smile Brown Bears

    Hello All
    I have just completed a spring bear hunt with GUSUK 1 AKA. Chris Carr.
    He lives in the small village of Portage Creek, Ak 38 miles (air) from Dillingham.
    The weather was great except for the flooding and high water. We seen plenty of moose but the bears where still scarce. I did shoot a young brown bear about a 7 footer. It raided our back woods camp.
    Chris has knowledge of the area and all the rivers. He has a complete stock of grub and a good spike camp. We use a flat bottom type boat with a jet motor for running the small river. Can't beat the price we hunted over 10 days. I stayed with him for 16 days. Book with him you will have a good time. One of the major expenses is gas with the high price over $6.00 a gallon and running 2 boats for 12 to 14 hours a day sucks up a lot of fuel. Look him up here, he will repond to any questions. He has very limited space he like to guide 1x1. He also runs a great fishing outfit, renting boats for KINGS and SILVERS also provides fuel and camping spaces.
    Larry K
    Clovis, NM

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    I rented a boat from him last year on the Nush. Seemed like an alright guy to me. If I had more time I would rent a boat this year for kings for a long weekend, but we all know how that is.


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