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Thread: Opinion on this round?

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    Default Opinion on this round?

    Could I get an opinion on this .44 mag round?

    The details are interesting as it is hardcast and they claim it will even penetrate a bear's skull.

    OK for Browns/Grizzlies backup?

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    It would probably work but unless you're carrying a super lightweight gun, why not just use a heavier bullet that will penetrate further?

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    I'm carrying a Taurus Tracker .44 for bear backup when backpacking. Reading about the round it peaked my interest.

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    Default Why not

    I'd say if you have a tracker and are recoil conscious, then it would be a good load. Chances are you won't need it anyway, but since it is not a high intensity load, you could practice and get familiar with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cpeaceo View Post
    The details are interesting as it is hardcast and they claim it will even penetrate a bear's skull.

    OK for Browns/Grizzlies backup?
    A .22LR at the right distance and angle will penetrate a bear skull. It is not likely to kill the animal, but it will penetrate the skull.

    At the speed that 255gr round is traveling it will rattle the bears brains pretty well. It might not work on a shoulder break-em down shot.

    Personally I really like the AK Backpacker 300gn load out of my old 5.5 inch Redhawk. It will go through 14 to 16 inch wet driftwood logs and keep going. The recoil is not much even though I was told it was a "handfull". I do know of one guy that could handle only two rounds of it through his Tracker.

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    Default 255 low recoil

    This is what I carry in my 329pd. They shoot well at the range.

    "Happiness is a warm gun - bang bang, shoot shoot!"

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    awesome guys. This forum is my only go to for anything- (all my interests are here. I backpack, flyfish, a 'wilder-dude' as the wildboys have called it ... hahah... I am 50 yrs old so don't laugh.... !

    I do have on order the Winchester Federal 300 grain hardcast vital-shock (hard to find!). I guess there was a run on the ammo market following the Obama election. I spend a lot of time in the Washington Cascades, but I also love headin' into the North Cascades where Bear is the hunter's destination. There I will for sure use the 300 HC.

    Thoughts on the .44 Taurus Tracker? Please don't be too critical, Recently picked one up, S.S, and I do love it. I only have it for my 3-4 trips in the outback. I carry a heavy load on my back... and from my choices (all fantastic; Ruger, S&W) I chose it for convenience, and ease of carry.

    Thoughts? Opinions? Advice?
    Thank you all so much my freinds!

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    Nothing wrong with Taurus at all, heck of a gun for the bucks!

    My advice fore the Buffalo Bore ammo (or any ammo) is to take a box out and see if your gun likes it. There have been some reliability issues with this brand in some guns, mostly with 454s but also 45s and 44s so test it before you need it.
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    By the way.... I know my log-in name; 'cpeaceo' looks weird. Here's the story: I'm a correctionall officer here, working with bad dudes every day (no weapons on the inside. Would be cool tho...) It stands for 'correctional peace officer (cpeaceo).

    ... Any way, thanks for the advice to you all. We're heading out today to a remote area where I have made a (so far) private and kind of 'my own' perfect outdoor shooting range.

    I will be taking my M4 (AR15) (love it!), my WW2 issue Rem-Rand 1911 hand-down from my dead dad, my pocket bobbed hammer .38, and my new toy
    - (of course never a toy!, but, you know) -
    Taurus Tracker .44. I will be shooting some 240 gr, and my new purchace, the Buffalo Bore 300 grain J.F.N. for my own field test. (I have a box of Winchester-Remington 300 grain super Hard-Cast Vital Shock on it's way). Took me a week to find it on line. No way to buy it local. It's all on way-back backorder...

    I will give a thorough review on the .44 upon my return. I am not as knowlegeable as you all, but I'll do my best when we get back.

    Thanks again guys. I'm located in Washington and my feet take me often into the North Cascades where bear hunting is pretty popular.

    -Be posting this eve.

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    OK, just got back from shootin' my Taurus Tracker .44 Mag S.S -- FLAWLESS! Very happy. Fired a box of 240 gr flat nose - no prob. Fired 300 grain Buffalo Core 300 grain J.F.N. and ... Wonderful. Able even to get shot goups with the 300 gr at about 20 yards of about 6".
    -8" ...or 9" with one hand. Good enogh for my confidence! Recoil was not bad - not as bad as I expected, as this is my 1st .44 mag.
    Only prob was a little extraction difficulty from the heavier rounds. I figure it was just casing expansion with all that power. mmmm... power- yea baby!. Good stuff.
    I'm glad I bought that gun. Will serve the bacpacker well and he'll/she'll go with confidence!


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