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Thread: Trailer Guide Ons

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    Default Trailer Guide Ons

    I need to get a set of boat trailer guide ons which wil aid in launching and recovering my 20 foot alumaweld on the beach. I want the post type and not the bunker type and all that I can find in Anchorage (most boat dealers, west marine and trailercraft) is the PVC tube type. These seem cheep to me and I would rather have something more substantial. I orderd some from cabelas. However, does any one know of anything available locally? Any thoughts about types?

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    Default Galvanized fence post

    I have made my own out of PVC, but have seen fence post used and they are sweet! Buy the short little single roller type (the roller is about a foot tall) and remove the roller and bolt on the fence post to the bar that is left.


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