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Thread: interior lake update

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    Default interior lake update

    as of today 5-20-09 harding is 5/8 covered with ice. birch lake was clear, didnt make it to quartz. this was pretty much maiden voyage pt.2 lol. launched at birch, had a great time (getting better with launching and landing slowly but surely). hit the birch with frozen herring which produced nothing up top, or down at bottom. had a hit with a spinner, and a spoon. caught one fish(14-16" artic char i think it was) and that was with a 1 1/2 oz crippled herring jigging off the bottom. ty for the info/help and ty for reading

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    Thanks for the update. There was a post on the fishing forum from somebody that said the ice was gone at Quartz and the fishing was decent from the shore with some big 'bows.


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