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Thread: Anyone have the Henry US survival rifle?

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    Default Anyone have the Henry US survival rifle?

    I mean the little take-down .22,where all the parts fit inside the stock. I already have a couple .22s and .22 Mag--but this one seems like a cool little gun--kind of a novelty.Are they reliable? Accurate? I wouldn't expect miracles from it, but can you hit anything with it at say,50 yards? Any info. is much appreciated.

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    Try a search for AR-7, there was one for sale about two weeks ago.

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    I have one of the original AR 7s made by Charter Arms, that the Henry Version is made from, and it's quite accurate at 25 yards, (I haven't shot it for accuracy at 50.) Also, reliable.

    I have two extry clips.

    I've been shooting it lately. It's fun to shoot.

    I use the peep sights that come on the gun, and that's adequate. I'm sure I could depend on it, as survival gun.

    You can mount a scope on the newer Henry version.

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    Default On sale last week ...

    FM on Abbott had the Henry's on sale last week, not sure when the sale ends. I picked one up ...

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    Default How do you like it?

    Quote Originally Posted by blakdimnd View Post
    FM on Abbott had the Henry's on sale last week, not sure when the sale ends. I picked one up ...
    Have you had a chance to shoot it yet? If so,how did it function? Any comments on the gun,the sights,etc?

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    I've kept one in the plane for years. I take it out now and again to check it a put a few rounds through it. It makes for a great little camp gun for Grouse and Rabbits.
    It's fairly accurate, jams a round about every thirty rounds, fits into the survival gear back nicely and I can't find too much to complain about it.

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    I had to take mine out with about 6 different boxes of ammo and figure out which ones it liked. It like several but a few it downright hated. With the right ones it was a decent rifle, as long as you understand that as with anything collapsible, it's a compromise.


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