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    Default Kasilof shuttle

    Any one looking for a shuttle service on the Kasilof call Kasilof Shuttle Vern or Nancy Kitchen at 262-3270. They are up and running with 5-8 drivers.

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    whats the cost this year???

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    Default 15

    15 anywhere on the river. Worked good for me last weekend. We floated from Tuste down to Coho - the first bit against the wind was some good excercise, the rocks kept us on the oars after that.

    The st. bernard about halfway down almost met his maker. The owner even came out and called the dog to him - then let him go chase us another 2 miles down the river.....The barking was annoying - but having a large dog try to get on my 1 man cat - let's just say he'd a sported some new holes in his fur.

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    Be careful vern might shat in your rig! It's happened before.

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    the cost is $15.00 per shuttle or 11 for $150.00. the shat is a freebie.


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