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    Help I need some opinions here. I have a yamaha 40 horsepower jet drive and was looking to put it on a boat. The engine is hand tillered.
    I was looking at an alweld 1656 tunnel hull or a 1756 G3 Jon boat.
    I plan to use it for hunting the rivers in the interior and maybe up on the north slope.
    i usually hunt with one other person and we pack light camps. If anyone has a similiar package i would like your opinions.


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    Can't believe no replys in all that time. Sorry. I have an 18' G3 with the 60/40 yamaha jet tiller and runs like a champ. Many will say underpower, but I do not need speed. I need control, light weight, and to get there safely. It gets on step quickly with minimal bow rise and pushes 4 guys fishing or 2 guys and camp no problem in very skinny water . The 90/65 is about 100 lbs heavier, so I went lighter with the 40. I have had 2 other boats with tunnels, both flat bottom Lowes, and they would skid in the turns. The G3 turns on a dime with its small deadrise. Has no tunnel (I am thinking of putting one in but it runs so well now). 2 guys and camp with with what you describe would be a great set-up. I shopped for weight- the G3 is 500 lbs. I quickly outgrew a 16 footer, the extra 2 feet is minimal in cost or weight. I liked the Alwelds, but none available when I bought, so easy decision. Good luck. You probably have the boat by now anyway.


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