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Thread: Group rates on whitewater trips

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    Default Group rates on whitewater trips

    Just curious who has the best group rates for a 1 day beginner rafting trip around the Valley? My sister in law is about to bring a brother in law into the family and we are looking for options to entertain the hoard of out of staters that will be arriving for the celebration. I am not sure how larger the groups will be but the dates are mid-late June around the 18th to the 25th.

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    Default raft trip

    You might want to check with NOVA RIVERRUNNERS. They have been at it for over 30yrs. Good folks with good guides and gear.

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    Default 2 guides

    Nova and Madwater both do lionshead class III-IV, and the chickaloon section of the Mat.,which is usually class II+ but can become class III at high flows in July.
    Just call for rates, these are your choices for rafting.
    Good luck MO


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