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Thread: Looking for moose hunting videos

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    Default Looking for moose hunting videos

    Hi, I am working for a TV production company in New York. We are producing a one hour show for a major cable network about Moose and how they often come in to close range of humans - which can be dangerous for both parties.

    For this show, we are looking for any hunter's home videos that show for the average viewer that these animals can be aggressive and dangerous, and very worthy of our respect.

    As a side note, we are also looking for videos of moose that have wandered in to urban or suburban areas.

    If anyone has video footage of interesting encounters with moose in the wild and you would agree to let it air on TV, please do get in contact with us via this post or call 212 245 4242.

    Many thanks,
    Pangolin Pictures
    New York, NY

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    I have a bunch but I don't know how quick I can get to it. 16x9 DVcam and some HD. Moose in my back yard at least once every other week. Sometimes all week. Eat the **** roses
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