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Thread: Lead testing law vs youth hip waders

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    Default Lead testing law vs youth hip waders

    I was in a local gear store in mid town the other day and the manager was on the phone with his supplier of youth hip waders. Since they are made in China they fall under the new (from last year) lead content testing laws and can't be imported or sold until there is a lead management plan approved and the lead content testing completed.

    I also learned that this one small store in a basement of an old strip mall sells 10,000 youth hip waders a year. And right now those hip waders are sitting in China rather than on my kids feet. Luckily her chest waders still fit.

    This also affects any imported products such as youth sized rain gear, boots.... I guess pretty much everything. The only rain gear they had for kids was last years Frog Toggs. We will see how they hold up. If bear guides like them maybe a 6th grader can't kill them in a week like other rain gear.

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    Just one more reason to "buy American!" Problem is that most of us aren't willing to pay a bit more to buy an American-made product and thus we've driven our friends and neighbors out of jobs...replaced with cheap offshore imports that have who-knows what in them, like lead.
    As fisherman, we do have choices. Loomis and St. Croix make rods in the US, Penn still makes some reels in the US, and Simms makes waders in Montana. Do yourself a favor, pick up a pair of over-sized Simms for your kids. They will wear like iron and you will give someone a job.


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