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Thread: Hunting for my soap on a is the day

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    Default Hunting for my soap on a is the day

    Alaska Outdoor Directory folks have raised 232.00 for the MDA executive lock up to day.

    at 10am TODAY
    i am going to jail as a fund raiser for Jerry's kids and the MDA!!!

    PLEASE take a minute and donate a few dollars to the worthy cause.

    here is a link to the MDA fund raiser...

    or call me at (907)978-8218 at 10 am. and leave a pledge!!!!

    every donation is TAX deductible. i would like to see some of the businesses on here leave there name behind as well with WHATEVER they can afford.
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    meet on face book here

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    Executive??? LMAO

    Thanks for your efforts on this cause Vince. Goodonya!!!
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