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Thread: rockfish or dolly varden at this time of year?

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    Default rockfish or dolly varden at this time of year?

    We are coming up to Alaska from North Carolina. We will be in Prince William Sound out of Valdez all of next week.

    My Alaska friend with the boat has salmon and halibut tackle.

    I was wondering what light tackle or fly fishing opportunities might be available at this time of the year?

    I have never fished for rockfish but I am assuming that I should concentrate on kelp beds and rocky points.

    I have never fished for Dolly Varden but I am assuming that they would be near where streams enter the bay.

    Any suggestions as to tackle, technique, or location would be appreciated!

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    Default Spring fishing in Valdez area

    Appear to be interesting Spring freshwater opportunities in Pr Wm Sound-, but on such short notice, I hope you're able to get local information in Valdez. Wouldn't surprise me if it's tough to get locals to share specific spots.

    A few prior threads might suggest folks worth calling here:

    If you have time, Scott Haugen's book might have specific pointers:

    Roadside Angler might, but with your boat access, maybe this woudn't be that helpful?

    Good luck.

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    I would worry that it will be too windy to effectively flyfish on the sound. Regarding rockfish, I would think they would be too deep for most normal fly outfits. These are super-deep dwelling fish. (Also, I'm not a fan of fishing them anyway, as the depth-pressure change kills them so they can't be released and they take some 20-40 years to spawn and can be 100s of years old.)

    So for the boat, go catch some halibut and troll for some salmon. Then get of the boat and go find some trout and dollies. If you try, you can probably find water that has never even seen a fly. Though, you might not want to be casting a fly rod after a day fishing for halibut.

    And take a look at the book the last poster suggested. It's like a blueprint.

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    Flyfishing opportunities certainly exist for the AK salt. And not all rock fish are found at depths previously suggested. And not all rockfish are slow growing "old growths". Blackbass for example can be found on the surface all the way through the water column and grow fast and are quite prolific. Find a school of these guys and you will not be able to keep them off your fly. Ling cod can also be found at various depths and if you find blackbass near a rock pile there is a good chance a ling cod is lurking there as well. Cast your fly in there but by all means check your drag! Halibut also can be caught on the fly. Look for shallow bays that are holding salmon and you will find flyfishing opportunities there as well.
    If you can find fish in less than 100 feet of water you can get em on the fly...without lead!


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